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When I first started looking into getting married and all the wedding bits that come with it, I was fairly certain, after spending many, many hours on the internet, that traditional wasn’t for us. Now, I’m not by any means knocking those that do have traditional weddings, I’ve seen, and attended some very nice and well thought out ones, but that just doesn’t match with our personalities.

When you think about it, your guests get their first sense of what your wedding is going to be like from that very important invite that falls through their door, so its understandable that a lot of brides and grooms put a lot of effort into their stationary.

For us, we wanted to get our personalities through in our stationary. James is into music and the whole Rock n Roll thing what with being in a band and all! And me, I’m into anything that’s old, Vintage, Retro, Rockabilly and of course, tattoos. Especially the Sailor Jerry style tattoos. Based on this, I have hunted around on the internet for wedding stationary in that kind of style, and I’m happy to say, it’s not as difficult to find as you may first think. However, wanting to go down the “something different" path can work out being quite costly!

A few days ago, I happened to mention on Twitter that I was looking for the above style stationary to talk about on my blog and was recommended Bon Moment by the like-minded, business savvy, Ree Ree Rocket. So I went and had a look, and may I say, what a recommendation it was!

So, we have been in touch and the lovely Maureen over at Bon Moment has sent me over some samples to share with you and has taken the time to answer some questions too!

How long has the business been going?

Although we’ve been pondering this concept for some time, we actively started planning our overarching strategy for 2 years.  We officially opened our virtual doors in August of 2009.

What made you set it up in the first place?

We (Denise Stockman, and Maureen Jann) are  a fiesty duo - part ninja, part pirate.  We became cohorts through our keen crafting skills, and after doing a bunch of mega crafty projects together, we came to appreciate how complementary we were to each other.  Armed with a keen eye on our goal of world domination and creating alternative and cheeky designs, we’ve set off on a rampage to share our sensibilities with the alternative wedding scene.

When we started to think about weddings, hearts and flowers didn’t fit every wedding.  Pastels and petals seemed a bit too fussy for us and we don’t think we’re alone. That’s why we’ve decided to collaborate and create wedding invitation suites that befit the couple that dances to the beat of their own drum.

What inspires your designs?

We don’t believe that weddings should be icy, impersonal or somber affairs. Our wedding invitation designs are compelled by fun, vibrant colors and culturally significant themes.  We specialize in pop culture, ethnic culture, geek culture, rockabilly culture, or whatever we feel will help our couples buck the wedding industrial complex and make their wedding a truly personal event.

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Hope you love them as much as I do!

Big Luv


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